Crochet makes me happy

I was introduced to crochet about eight years ago and have been hooked (pun intended!) ever since. I can barely go a day without picking up my favourite hook and some new yarn.

A family member gave me a few tips and I picked up the basics from YouTube videos. It’s amazing how much more I’ve learnt by just throwing myself into more complex patterns and learning on the job as it were.

I knew I wanted to turn my love of crochet into a profession after having my son. Because obviously who wants to go back to an office job when you love making things with your hands. Not me! I’ve been fortunate enough to give it a go and try to make a living doing what I love (when my toddler doesn’t try to run off with my yarn!)

I love seeing my patterns out there for all to enjoy. I am quite proud of my little creations, I cannot wait to create even more of my own patterns and put my stamp on the crochet market.

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