In celebration of my sis and bro in law having a little bubba soon I've created this celebratory baby appliqué. Super excited to be becoming an auntie again and for my little Niblings who can't wait to meet their baby brother.

You could use this as an addition to a blanket, jumper and lots of other baby gifts. Personally I think I'm going to add them to congratulations cards.

I've done a few variations on the hat so you can pick your favourite.

Here's the fun pattern for you all.

'Party Time Baby'

Small amounts of the following Drops muskat cotton colours:

Pink Panther, cerise, vanilla yellow, mint, black, light grey, clove, royal blue, baby pink, light blue, dark orange, beige.

I used a 3.5mm hook. 

Gauge is 5 rounds = 2.25 inches

US terminology

Abbreviations - 

MC - Magic circle 

Ch - Chain

SC - Single crochet 

rep- repeat

St - Stitch

FO - Fasten off

SS - Slip stitch

tog - together

() - make the instruction in brackets in the same stitch

** - repeat the instructions inbetween these

Special stitches - 

Single crochet increase which I have written as 2SC as they are made in the same st

Single crochet decrease which I have written as SC2tog.

Chain 2 picot - Ch 2 and SS back into the 1st Ch.

Baby face - 

Round 1: MC, Ch 1, SC 6 in the circle, join to 1st SC with SS

Round 2: Ch 1, 2SC in each st around, join

Round 3: Ch 1, *SC, (2SC)* rep around, join

Round 4: Ch 1, *(2SC), SC, SC* rep around, join

Round 5: Ch 1, *SC, SC, SC, (2SC)* rep around, join

Round 6: Ch 1, *(2SC), SC, SC, SC, SC* rep around, join


Dummy -

Round 1: MC, Ch 1, SC 6, join to 1st SC with SS

Round 2: Ch 1, 2SC in each st around, join


Dummy loop - 

Ch 9, SS to 1st Ch


Party hat - 

Row 1: Ch 10, SC in 2nd Ch from hook and next 8, turn 

Row 2: Ch 1, SC2tog, SC 5, SC2tog, turn

Row 3: Ch 1, SC 7, turn

Row 4: Ch 1, SC2tog, SC 3, SC2tog, turn

Row 5: Ch 1, SC 5, turn

Row 6: Ch 1, SC2tog, SC, SC2tog, turn

Row 7: Ch 1, SC 3, turn

Row 8: Rep row 7

Row 9: Ch 1, SC3tog, Ch 1, do not FO

The following instructions are worked around the hat:

SC 9 down the left side (1 SC in the end of each row)

Working in the foundation Ch put 2SC in the first st, SC 7, 2SC in last st

SC 9 up the right side, SS to the last Ch in Row 9, Ch 2 picot, SS to 1st SC


Dots for hat - 

Make 3

Round 1: MC, Ch 1, SC 6, join to 1st SC


Sew the dummy onto the face over the joins and the dummy loop into the last row of the dummy.

Sew the party hat on at an angle at the top of the face.

I embroidered the eyes with only 3 strands of the black cotton.

The stripes on the hat are embroidered evenly vertically (meeting at the top) and horizontally. The dots you made are sewn onto the party hat.

I made small pom-poms by wrapping the yarn round 2 fingers, removing the loops gently, tying a piece of yarn around the middle of these loops and then cutting the loop ends. The pompom is sewn into the picot at the top of the hat. 

Block if needed and use to make something look fun and beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed this pattern. 

Please feel free to sell your makes from this pattern but please credit me as the designer.

Much love,

The Woolly Kid