Firstly I'd just like to say it's about time Mean Girls was put on Netflix! Yay. And this was the inspiration for my title and colour choice 💕

I wanted to create a bright boho kind of coaster and I do love the mug rug look so I added some tassels.

Heres the free pattern. I hope you enjoy making it and using it for your cuppas!

I used Drops muskat cotton yarn in Cerise, Pink Panther, Baby Pink and Light Grey. They are 50g balls of DK and you'll only need a very small amount of each for one coaster.

I used a 3.5mm hook. 

US terminology 

Abbreviations -

St - Stitch

Ch - Chain

SC - single crochet

DC - double crocher

rep - repeat

Ch sp - chain space 

yoh - yarn over hook

RS - right side

FO - fasten off 

SS - slip stitch

** - these indicate which part you should repeat (take note of how the row ends though)

With Cerise Ch 25 

Row 1: 1 SC in 2nd Ch from hook and along, turn

Row 2: Ch 1, skip 1 SC, 1 SC in next st, *Ch 3, skip 3 SC, 1 SC in each of next 3SC* rep ending with 1 SC in the last SC and 1 in turning Ch, turn

Row 3: Ch 1, skip 1 SC, *skip 1 SC, 5 DC in Ch3 sp, skip 1 SC, 1 SC in next SC (the middle SC of the group of 3)* rep ending with 1 SC in the Ch 1, turn

Row 4: Ch 3, skip (1 SC, 1 DC), *1 SC in each of next 3DC (this will be in 2nd, 3rd and 4th DC of the group), Ch 3, skip (1 DC, 1 SC, 1 DC)* rep to last group, 1 DC in each of the 3DC, Ch 2, skip 1 DC, 1 SC in Ch 1, turn

Row 5: Ch 3, skip 1 SC, 2 DC in Ch2 sp, *skip 1 SC, 1 SC in next SC, skip 1 SC, 5 DC in Ch3 sp* rep ending with 3 DC instead of 5 in the turning Ch sp, turn

Row 6: Ch 1, skip 1 DC, 1 SC in next DC, *Ch 3, skip (1 DC, 1 SC, 1 DC), 1 SC in each of next 3 DC* rep ending with 1 SC in last DC, 1 SC in turning Ch sp, turn. Note that for last yoh you should change to the next colour.

Rows 7-10: Rep rows 3-6 in Pink Panther

Rows 11-14:  Rep rows 3-6 in Baby Pink. Do not fasten off. Continue with this colour.

Row 15: Ch 1, 1 SC in 2nd SC and along. Putting 3 SC over each Ch sp. At end of row put 1 SC in SC, 1 SC in Ch 1.

Weave in all other ends.

With RS facing:

Turn your work 90 degrees. SS to side, Ch 1, SC 5 evenly up the side of the Baby Pink section. Change to Pink Panther and SC 6. Change to Cerise and SC 6 again. 

Then turn your work 90 degrees and put 2SC in the first st of the foundation Ch. SC 25 along, 2SC in last st which is the Ch.

Turn your work 90 degrees and work down the other side the same way you did before with changing colours. 6 SC in each coloured section.

Turn your work 90 degrees and put 2SC in first st which is the Ch and SC 23 along, 2SC in the last st.

SS to first SC made in this round. FO. I then use an invisible join when weaving in the end.

For the tassels cut 5 x 20cm pieces for each,  then add 4 on each end in the gaps of the arcade stitch.

Block if you wish and use as a rug for your mug 🤍

You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern just please credit me as the designer.

Happy hooking and please tag me in your finished pics @thewoollykid.  I'd love to see them!


The Woolly Kid