Nearly spooky time so I've whipped up a quick banner from my 'Get Set Alphabet' pattern. Just switched out the colours for a traditional Halloween orange and black and replaced the tassels with a joined web and a scary spider.

Lettered bunting available on:

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I've written up the pattern for adding the web and spider below.

I used the same hook size as called for in the pattern, 3.5mm and an acrylic wool for all parts.

US terminology 


Ch - Chain

SC - Single crochet 

SS - Slip stitch

HDC - Half double crochet 

DC - Double crochet 

TR - Treble crochet 

Rep - Repeat

FO - Fasten off

MC - Magic Circle

Sp - Space (Ch sp)

St - Stitch

( ) - to complete number of stitches in the same st

( ) at end of row/round - number of stitches in that round/row

** - repeat as instructed the stitches between these asterisks 

Special stitch instructions

Invisible join – On your last st cut the yarn and pull the tail all the way through the top of the last st made. Thread the tail on to a yarn needle. In the top of the first st of the round/row (after your initial ch stitches) insert the needle under both of the top loops. Now insert your needle in to the top of the last st made (I insert this down into the stitch between the top loops and also behind the back of the st). Weave in the end.


Row 1: Join black yarn to bottom of letter B flag (where the 3SC where placed) with a SC, Ch 40, join with a SC to the bottom of letter E flag, rep for each letter to the last E, turn

Row 2: SS 20, Ch 40, SS to centre of next loop (I count 20 chains along from the join) rep to the last loop, turn

Rep row 2 above till one loop, turn

SS 20, Ch 30



Part 1

Round 1: MC, Ch 2, HDC 8, join to first HDC

Round 2: Ch 2, (2HDC) in each, join (16)


Part 2

Rep part 1 without FO

Round 3: Ch 2, HDC, (2HDC), HDC, (2HDC), DC, (2DC), TR, (2TR), Ch 1, (2TR), TR, (2DC), DC, (2HDC), HDC, (2HDC), HDC, join (24 + 1 Ch sp)

Round 4: Ch 1, SS 3, *Ch 16, SS 7, skip 1, SS 7, SS in next st back on round, SS* rep x 3, SS, SS in sp, SS 3, *Ch 16, SS 7, (2SS), SS 7, SS in next st back on round, SS* rep x 3, SS, Join 


Block both parts and sew the head on to the body. Attach the spider to the last Ch of the web.

I also blocked the letters and web to the preferred shape.

Weave in all ends.

Hang up for a spooky feel to the holidays!

Happy hooking 🕷🕸

Tag me in your makes so I can see your brilliant work @thewoollykid ✏️