I thought I would make a little variation on the 'Flower Power Crown' for this time of year. It could be used as an Autumn/Fall crown or as an addition to a Halloween costume. Could be perfect for a Scary Fairy or a Zombie Princess.

You can purchase the original Flower Crown pattern from the link below and just change up the colours as shown and replace one of the roses with a mini pumpkin, of which the free pattern is shown below.






I hope you enjoy the pattern!


Round 1: MC, Ch 1, SC 6 in the circle, do not join (cont. to work in a spiral) (6)

Round 2: (2SC) in each st (12)

Round 3: *SC, (2SC)* rep x 5 (18)

Round 4: *SC 2, (2SC)* rep x 5 (24) 

Rounds 5-7: SC around (24)

Round 8: *SC 2, inv dec* rep x 5 (18)

Round 9: *SC, inv dec* rep x 5 (12)


Round 10:  Inv dec around (6)

FO leaving a long tail to assemble

Sew through the remaining six loops and pull together to close hole

Sew through the top middle of the pumpkin and come out at the bottom middle. Go back down through the top and out the bottom and pull tight to create the shape. Repeat this 7 times evenly around. Tie off and weave in the ends.


Ch 6, (2SC) in second Ch from the hook and in each one along 

FO leaving a tail to attach

Attach the stem to the top of the pumpkin. I took the two ends through the top of the pumpkin and out the bottom, tied them together and wove in the ends.

I'd love to see your creations so please feel free to tag me @thewoollykid on social media.

Happy hooking!

The Woolly Kid