Here's a free pattern for mistletoe which you can attach to a quick banner from my 'Get Set Alphabet' pattern. I just switched out the colours for a traditional Christmas feel and replaced one of the tassels with the hanging mistletoe.

Lettered bunting available on:

My website




I've written up the pattern for the mistletoe below.

I used the same hook size as called for in the pattern, 3.5mm and an acrylic wool for all parts.

US terminology 


Ch - Chain

SC - Single crochet 

SS - Slip stitch

HDC - Half double crochet 

DC - Double crochet 

Rep - Repeat

FO - Fasten off

MC - Magic Circle

St - Stitch

BLO - Back loop only

yoh - Yarn over hook

** - repeat as instructed the stitches between these asterisks 

Special stitch instructions

Puff st – (Yoh insert hook in st, yoh and pull up a loop) Rep another 4 times, yoh and pull through all loops, Ch 1 to secure.


Stem and leaves 

The following rounds are made using green:

(Leave a long tail at beginning to attach to banner)

Round 1: MC, Ch 1, SC 6 in the circle, join to first SC with a SS 

Round 2: Ch 1, BLO, SC 6, do not join 

Rounds 3-17: SC 6 

Join to first SC with SS

Round 18: (Shorter leaves) Ch 15, *DC in 4th Ch from the hook, DC 2, HDC 3, SC, SS* Ch 10, Rep from * to * with the SS being in same st as first SS, SS 4 up Ch towards stem, SS in same st as original SS on stem. (Longer leaves) Ch 20, *DC in 4th Ch from the hook, DC 2, HDC 3, SC, SS* Ch 10, Rep from * to * with the SS in same st as first SS, SS 9 up Ch, SS in next st on stem. 

Rep all of these instructions on Round 18 5 more times ending with SS in first SC on stem again.


Weave in the last end, leaving the original tail end.


Make 12 

The following is made using white: 

*Ch 3, puff st in the third Ch from the hook, SS to same ch that puff st was made in* Rep from * to *. 

FO leaving a long tail

I blocked the leaves for a neater finish.

Attach the berries to the middle of each pair of leaves. I did this by sewing both ends of the berries through the leaf, knotting at the back and weaving in the ends towards the stem.

Hang up for a festive feel to the holidays!

Happy hooking 🎄

Tag me in your makes so I can see your beautiful work @thewoollykid ✏️